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Online Slots - Making you Bankroll Last Longer using Autoplay

Making your bankroll last longer playing online slots can be accomplished by using autoplay. Most major online casinos slots come with an autoplay feature. This includes Microgaming, Rival Gaming and RTG powered casinos. The autoplay button will be located on the slot game screen and will allow you to set conditions of play.

To start with, you should become familiar with the autoplay feature. The auto play will allow you to the set the number of spins, along with a set of conditions that will trigger the game to stop spinning automatically. The autostop will stop the game upon a predetermined condition being met such as, a certain increase in account balance, set amount of decrease in account balance or the trigger of a bonus feature round when playing video slots or hitting a jackpot.

I like to call this method the one percent per spin and win. If you follow this method while playing slots at online casinos you can maximize your gambling session time and bankroll potential. To start with, lets say that your starting with a balance of one hundred dollars. What you want to do next is to find a online slot game that you enjoy playing, and open the autoplay feature. Then set up the game to bet only 1% of your current account balance per spin. Lets say you are playing a 5 line slot game and want to make 100 spins. You would take $100.00 and divide by 100, giving you $1.00 . We would then set the bet amount to $1.00 per spin or .20 per line betting all 5 lines per spin. Set the autoplay to 100 spins, as this the basis for this method.  Then start the autoplay, and upon the completion of 100 spins, reset the bet amount to 1% of your current account balance and continue. Keep repeating this pattern of setting up auto play to 1% of you account balance and you will maximize your play time potential.

As with all methods, you will find exceptions. By setting the game up to stop during autoplay when your balance increase or decreases by a certain amount, you can limit your loss or lock in a nice gain. When either of these takes place just reset the autoplay to 1% again and continue on.  If you also find your game stopped is by the triggering of a bonus round, complete the bonus round and then reset the autoplay feature again to reflect a 1% bet per spin.

This method of making you bankroll last longer while playing online slots is not set in stone. You can modify it to your liking by changing the amount of spins or percent of your bankroll bet with each spin. The key is to setting up the autoplay. So that after it runs its course, if it is not stopped by a triggering condition, you still have money left in your account. 
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